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Group overview

  • SR-Conseil- société d’expertise comptable, de droit, d’audit et de conseil

    French accounting and auditing firm

    SR Conseil Group is an accounting and business consulting firm, headquartered in Chambery (France) with 19 offices located in the French Alps.

    Our 550 employees advise more than 12 000 companies of different sizes working in various business areas.
    SR CONSEIL works closely with associations, liberal professionals, craftsmen, shopkeepers, SMEs & SMIs, listed companies, local administrative units, national groups as well as individual clients.
    You have a project ? You are planning to start your own business or to take-over a business ?
    SR CONSEIL will help with the success of your project.
    You are an Entrepreneneur, business manager ?
    We make your daily business management easier. We guide you through administrative tasks and along with you, we elaborate tools to set up the best management processes for your business.
    Our accounting, legal adviser and HR teams help you on a daily basis to anticipate and solve any issues. To do so, SR CONSEIL offers SR CONNECT, an innovative accounting online solution.
    SR Conseil will help with the growth of your business and prevent any difficulties. Our teams will advise you and follow the take-over of your own company.
    SR Conseil audit departement will perform legal and contractual auditing for all kind of businesses or activities.

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    Our specific activities

    • SR CONSEIL is a specialist in many areas particularly the fiscal management of rental revenues. SR Conseil has been a specialist of fiscal management of rental revenues for more than 40 years. Our teams establishes tax returns for more than 20 000 investors who operate in the following areas : Non-furnished flat rental, Non-professional rental of furnished property status, Professional rental of furnished property status. For any question, please email
    • SR CONSEIL is also a specialized consultant for all outdoor activities. We help self-employed instructors of outdoor activities, mountain guides, high level athletes, artists, authors, photographers, and also ski schools, guide’s companies, associations, clubs.
      Our outdoor activity support team will help all seasonal and multi-activity professional to face any issues in terms of taxes and HR.
    • Last but not least, SR Conseil is a partner of startups and Innovative businesses : our experts will help you make your project a success
    • You are willing to set up a presence (subsdiary, branch or representative office) in France ? SR CONSEIL provides you with a full service. Our team of specialists helps you with all the legal, accounting, tax, administrative and HR issues.
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    A question ? A project?

    Please contact our teams. We will be glad to answer any requests and to find an answer for all issues.

    Do not wait, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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