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One of the measures set out by the French Government in response to COVID-19 is access to the « Fonds de solidarité » literally: Solidarity Fund. It is aimed to help small businesses most impacted by COVID-19 and the devastating financial position it leaves entrepreneurs and business owners who have instantly lost their only source of income.

It is in principle open to all SME’s regardless of form (includes sole traders such as micro-entrepreneur, entreprise individuelle, SDF, as well as company structures such as SARL, SAS, etc.. and or Activity as long as it’s commercial (BIC, liberal but not SCI’s for example).

This has been open since March and left open after June to those business most affected by the impacts (namely tourism, aviation etc..)

Up until September it was limited to 1,500 euros.

There has been since the latest lockdown a series of new measures aimed extend and expand to businesses struggling with the uncertaintiy although the conditions vary from Sector, whether an administrative closure has been enforced and month in which this is closed.

Since October some businesses will say their claim to the Fond de Solidarité rise from 1,500 to 10,000 per months.

We are working hard on translating these and will be publishing a self serve guide shortly.

Note that for the month of November the aid can only be requested as of the 1st of December. In the meantime useful links in French can be found here:

fonds de solidarité
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