2. Decrease in activity linked to Covid-19: Technical or Partial unemployment (chômage partiel)

2. Decrease in activity linked to Covid-19: Technical or Partial unemployment (chômage partiel)

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Informations_Coronavirus_SRConseilThe Ministry of Labour confirmed on the 21st of March seasonal fixed-term contracts (CDD) can be compensated for partial activity unemployment (chômage partiel) following the closure of ski resorts on 14 March.

Partial unemployment (chômage partiel) continues to be possible under the same conditions until the end of May.

From 1st of June: Partial unemployment (chômage partiel) will still be possible but progressively decreasing, except for those companies that are still prohibited from opening by decree – mainly tourism and events companies who will benefit from full Partial unemployment measures until the end of September. Progressive extensions are still being discussed to the end of December, but conditions remains uncertain.

For those that were on technical sick leave for care of a minor (child under 16 years) – since 1st of May the sick leave has been automatically transferred to the partial unemployment mechanism.

From the 2nd of June, parents who wish to stay at home to care for their children under 16 years will need to provide an attestation that the school remains shut – alternatively opt for the partial unemployment (chômage partiel) initiated by the employer for lack of or reduced activity.

Informations_Coronavirus_SRConseilUpdate 22/06/2020: partial unemployment payments for childcare has ended since 22nd of June 2020

>> Since the 22nd of June and following president Macron’s televised address in which he announced schools had an obligation to admit students back under nomal conditions, the covid temporary measure of partial unemploymen benefit for those with chlidcare of children under 16 has been supressed.<<

Partial activity of employees

If you are forced to temporarily close an establishment/department, or to reduce the working hours of your employees (supplier difficulties, suspension of public transport, absence of several employees, etc.), a mechanism is available commonly known as « technical unemployment » «chômage technique». The cease of activity per employee can be in full or partial.

How this works: before registering your employees, the company must register itself on DIRECCTE. After entering the SIRET number of the establishment concerned an access code is sent within 48 hours. For Sareg customers, please reach out to your social team contact or accountant as they have been actively registering businesses up in case employees are to be declared on this mechanism.

The employer can then declare the employees in partial activity and draw up claims online every month.
Typically the employer pays 70% of the gross salary of the employee and is subsequently subsidised. In response to the current crisis, the government has simplified this procedure for part-time working. The hourly allowance is raised to €8.04 (SMIC wage) instead of €7.74 previously.

Recommendation : Chômage partiel requests will have to be justified for all closures that have not been imposed by decree. We strongly encourage you to start collecing any evidence that could back up any compensation (supplier emails, client cancellations, etc…)

In line with the presidential announcement a decree is expected in the next few days to reform the partial activity scheme, in order to cover 100% of the compensation paid to employees by companies, up to a limit of 4.5 SMIC.

The Ministry of Labour announced on Monday 16 March, to give 30 days to companies to declare their partial activity even retrospectively.

For any request for assistance Partial activity: 0820 722 111 (0.12€/min) or by email contact-ap@asp-public.fr.

Click here to request prior authorization and partial activity compensation

To know if your company is eligible to chômage partiel: https://travail-emploi.gouv.fr/actualites/l-actualite-du-ministere/article/coronavirus-covid-19-employeurs-etes-vous-eligibles-a-l-activite-partielle


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