1. Exceptional compensation for sick leave and other social measures

1. Exceptional compensation for sick leave and other social measures

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When one of your employees is unable to work due to a measure of isolation, eviction or confinement, he or she may benefit from sick leave (Arrêt de travail). A certificate established by the doctor of the regional health agency (ARS) is required and must be sent without delay to your employee’s health insurance organisation.

Your employee, whose employment contract is in effect on hold, will then be indemnified by the health insurance provider on the daily rates without the usual 3 day delay (Clarence) and for a maximum of 20 days. They are also entitled to the usual complementary pay from the employer in accordance to the labour code if he/she meets the prescribed conditions (usually one year of seniority). This is also in force as of the 1st day of stoppage.

In addition, employees may also benefit from sick leave when caring for a child in the household (under the age of 16) and if isolation is recommended or the childcare facility (school, nursery, etc.) is closed.

This procedure is particularly relevant when the employee cannot work from home (“télétravail”) and has no other choice but to take sick leave to look after his or her child(ren). If the conditions are met then the employee will benefit from sick leave in the same conditions as prescribed above (without the 3 day delay).

You can read the updated information on the ameli.fr website

Informations_Coronavirus_SRConseilUpdate 22/06/2020: partial unemployment payments for childcare has ended since 22nd of June 2020

>> Since the 22nd of June and following president Macron’s televised address in which he announced schools had an obligation to admit students back under nomal conditions, the covid temporary measure of partial unemploymen benefit for those with chlidcare of children under 16 has been supressed.<<


Other social measures

The emergency bill to deal with the covid-19 outbreak authorizes the government to make certain social measures by decree, such as:

  • allowing a a company or branch agreement which can authorise: imposing or modifying paid leave dates, up to a maximum of six working days;
  • allowing any employer to unilaterally impose or modify:
  • the specific dates of reduced working hour days, rest days provided within the relevant social convention and rest days allocated to the employee’s hours allocated time account ;
  • to allow companies in sectors particularly necessary for national security or the continuity of economic and social life to derogate from the rules of public order and the conventional stipulations relating to working hours, weekly rest and Sunday rest;
  • to exceptionally adapt the procedures that determining the grace periods for allocation of loss of revenue mentioned in Article L. 5421-2 of the Labour Code;



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