COVID-19 : latest information

COVID-19 : latest information

Accueil / COVID-19 : latest information

In view of the extraordinary circumstance taking place in France, SR Conseil and its group will endeavour to keep you informed of the latest measures taken by the French Government. This site will be updated regularly as the situation evolves.

The French Government has now announced the progression to Stage 3, and the closure of all areas ‘not life essential’ for its citizens.

Restaurants, bars, discotheques and cinemas are to remain closed, according to the decree published this Sunday, March 15 2020. The measures also apply to halls for concerts, conferences, meetings, shows, shopping centres (other than essential shops), dance halls and games rooms, libraries and documentation centres, exhibition halls, ski resorts, indoor sports facilities and museums. Restaurants and bars in hotels, with the exception of room service, are also included in this list.

Herewith a fact sheet listing of measures that employers must take to protect the health of its employees against the virus.

Informations_Coronavirus_SRConseilUPDATE 15/05/2020  for your employees

Partial unemployment (chômage partiel) continues to be possible under the same conditions until the end of May.

From 1st of June: Partial unemployment (chômage partiel) will still be possible but progressively decreasing, except for those companies that are still prohibited from opening by decree – mainly tourism and events companies who will benefit from full Partial unemployment measures until the end of September. Progressive extensions are still being discussed to the end of December, but conditions remains uncertain.

For those that were on technical sick leave for care of a minor (child under 16 years) – since 1st of May the sick leave has been automatically transferred to the partial unemployment mechanism.

From the 2nd of June, parents who wish to stay at home to care for their children under 16 years will need to provide an attestation that the school remains shut – alternatively opt for the partial unemployment (chômage partiel) initiated by the employer for lack of or reduced activity.

  1. Exceptional compensation for sick leave and other social measures

  2. Decrease in activity linked to Covid-19: Technical or Partial unemployment (chômage partiel)

  3. Solidarity fund, deferment of tax and social security payments, postponement of due dates for rent, water, electricity and gas bills

  4. Financial assistance from the banks, Banque de France and the government

  5. Conflict with customers and suppliers

Informations_Coronavirus_SRConseilThese take into account the latest measures announced in the Finance Act adopted on Sunday 22 March.

The government has set up a toll-free number, 0 800 130 000, available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to answer questions related to the coronavirus.

A series of questions and answers on the Coronavirus COVID-19 is online on the Government’s website and is updated regularly.

The Ministries of Labour and of Solidarity and Health have posted a Q&A specifically for employees and companies.

We also give you access to the Top 100 questions and answers from the SVP experts.

As an employer, you are obliged to ensure the safety and health of your employees. In this context, you must limit or even prohibit your employees’ business trips.

In addition, if one of your employees has been in contact with an infected person, it is recommended that you isolate him or her by placing him or her at home or, if this is not possible, that you arrange his or her workplace so as to reduce his or her contact with company personnel. Before making any major changes to the organisation of work, you should consult your social and economic committee.

Coronavirus_Informations_SRConseilAnd, of course, it is in your best interest to remind your employees of the health instructions aimed at combating the spread of the virus: wash your hands very regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow, use single-use tissues, etc.

The bank of France website has centralised all the helps and contact made available to businesses:

We are noticing an upsurge in frauds and scams of all kinds. We invite you to remain vigilant!

Access to SAREG and SR Conseil offices

We are obliged to close all our offices until further notice.

Our teams remain highly mobilized. We are taking all possible measures to ensure the continuity of our services, with priority being given to the processing of urgent requests.

To find out if your company is affected by the closure, the establishments concerned are listed in the Government Order issued on 15th March 2020.

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